Career Opportunities

Here is why you might really like it here:

We offer good pay and good benefits, just like a lot of other companies. So what do we have that they don’t? Here are some things we think are important and set us apart.

Typical Company ICP Inc.
Dress Code Business casual Casual- Jeans and t-shirts
Laptops Slow, corporate-mandated eqiupment Super fast. Currently your choice of a Retina MacBook Pro, or an i7 quad-core Lenovo with SSD.
Lab Servers Something poorly implemented by a large poorly managed infrastructure team Locally maintained uber-fast servers where it matters, and hosted where it doesn’t. Built for software development, not for getting in the way.
Physical Layout Your teammate is ten time zones away? Bummer…but email’s almost as good, right? We’re mostly within 50 feet of each other.
Development Tools Notepad, ClearCase, IE, whatever they tell you to use IntelliJ IDEA, Mercurial, Jenkins, Chrome, VMWare, whatever is the best tool for the job.