MasterCard Issuance

MasterCard Issuance

ICP and its affiliate companies: Security State Bank of Atkin, MN (SSB) and Hallmark Trust Limited of Turks & Caicos (HTL), both financial institutions are Key Principal Members of Mastercard. ; .

Our affiliate companies haves the ability to issue and acquire MasterCard programs domestically in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica, and the United States today. All ICP issued MasterCards are accepted globally wherever MasterCard is accepted regardless of what country the MasterCard is issued from.
SSB and HTL are a member of MasterCard that screens and accepts merchants into its bankcard program, processes transactions, and completes financial settlement for them. This allows SSB and HTL more flexibility and control to produce innovative products vs. our competition.
As an Issuer, this allows SSB & HTL the instant ability to provide and issue a credit line to a consumer through a payment card. This issuance can be done inside a traditional financial institution, casino, sports book, betting parlor, and online.
Since SSB and HTL is an acquirer, an issuer, and Principal Member this improves speed to market and operational efficiency through parameterized business rules and models. This allows SSB and HTL to grow revenues by creating new, innovative and customized merchant services.

MasterCard current processing statistics:
 Processes 1.9 Billion Master Cards Issued World Wide
 Processing in 210 Countries and Territories, in 150 currencies, and in 56 languages
 MasterCard is accepted at 35.9 Million locations Worldwide
 MasterCard processed $3.5 Trillion in 2013
 MasterCard processes on average 65k transactions per minute
 130 Mille-seconds to process transaction which is 2x faster than largest competition


Let ICP and its affiliate companies help you create a custom MasterCard program with you that meets your customer’s current needs and future needs. With ICP you have the options of creating prepaid, debit, or credit card programs. We offer standard, gold, platinum, black, companion, travel, government, world, payroll, and virtual card programs to choose from.

 ICP and its affiliate companies can issue cards in any world currency and language.
 ICP and its affiliate companies has the ability to configure your cardholder fees for each individual transaction no matter if it is a POS, ATM, or online transaction.
 ICP and its affiliate companies can set an annual percentage rate (APR) to be configurable to your program requirements.
 ICP and its affiliate companies can send email and text message notifications to cardholders for transaction alerts, fraud notification, ATM transactions, etc.
 ICP and its affiliate companies can securely issue a cardholders’ number to them via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or email so the cardholder can start spending immediately while their MasterCard is being created and shipped to their residence.
 ICP and its affiliate companies can provide you an Application Program Interface (API) to code to for website integration.
 ICP and its affiliate companies can create a custom company website for MasterCard cardholder application enrollment on your company’s behalf.


ICP and its affiliate companies allows you to create your own custom MasterCard design with all of the same great features and benefits of a MasterCard credit, debit, or prepaid programs. ICP and its affiliate companies can also issue pre-approved MasterCard designs with our current card fulfillment providers.


ICP and its affiliate companies and MasterCard Worldwide you will have the ability to create the best credit or debit card benefits for you cardholders. MasterCard benefits can include the following: MasterCard Global Service, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Fraud Protection, Travel Assistance Services, Concierge, Price Protection, Purchase Protection, ATM Robbery & Assault Protection, MasterRental, Priority Pass Airport VIP Lounge, Extended Warranty, MasterTravel, Trip Inconvenience, MasterAssist, Black/World Elite, Luggage Protection, and Roadside Assistance. Please contact SSB and HTLto learn more about these card program benefits.


ICP’s OmniCommerce payment processing switch is designed to co-exist and process with our MasterCard issuing capabilities and save us third party processing fees. This allows any of our issued MasterCards that are processed by OmniCommerce either by an ATM, All In-One Kiosk, POS terminal, or online the option to not to route that transaction to any third party card associations and authorize transactions internally. “On Us” processing can be applied to any business that is processing point of sale transactions.


ICP and its affiliate companies can create a custom MasterCard program that utilizes virtual cards vs. a traditional card program. Virtual card numbers are commonly used in an online environment to allow accounts across multiple customers to be associated with a given card number. ICP and its affiliate companies can issue virtual card numbers to your cardholders via interactive voice response (IVR), via email, and via text message. This virtual card can become the account number for a wagering account immediately.


With ICP’s OmniCommerce Payment Processing platform and processing experience, we have designed our platform to handle our issued virtual card denials to be automatically moved to another card should a transaction be denied.


ICP and its affiliate companies allows you to create your own custom MasterCard payroll card program and design with all of the great features and benefits of a reloadable MasterCard payroll card.
Cost Efficient
 Reduce payroll-processing costs by eliminating check printing and processing
 Issue and Reload payroll cards from your desktop application

 Payments are handled electronically making them more secure than checks

Employee Friendly

 Now employees don’t need a bank account to have a MasterCard
 No more check cashing fees to pay to cash their check
 No ATMs Surcharge Fees at Hallmark Trust ATMs


Once your company enrolls for our Custom Payroll Card MasterCard Program with ICP and its affiliate companies and has established an acceptable payment history with us. ICP and its affiliate companies will extend out an individual loan to your company employees on a per case basis.

 Our program is an employer sponsored benefit at zero cost to the employer.
 Each company employee will be able to get a percentage of their weekly pay loaned out to them directly onto their existing payroll card.
 Each loan program can be customized to meet your company guidelines, pay periods, dollar limits, and delivery options.
 Hallmark’s Payroll Loan Program can bridge the gap of long pay periods, covering financial shortfalls for your employees.
 Our program promotes better employee attendance from the ability to receive a payroll loan

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